Locally made, with Love​

Our team of interior designers and artisans is always excited to bring your ideas about your ideal spaces to life.

We believe we can inspire people in Kenya and beyond to fall in love with their spaces by helping them build the kind of furniture they deserve.


Every great home deserves great things

Your furniture is not only part of your home, it is an integral part of your family. The sense of security, comfort and status are all experienced through your furniture.


Where you spend almost 40% of your time matters

When being productive, everything from your mental state to your physical health matters. We help you build furniture to suit your occupation, whether at a workplace.


Getting quality locally made furniture is now easier than ever before

We have made our process as simple as possible to provide a hassle-free custom-built furniture service.

You Choose

We Build

We Deliver

You Win

Ready to create something great?

We are looking forward to working with you to create something that you will love and that will make your space worth being in.


Kitukuu Interiors makes quality, locally made, custom-built furniture.

We try to capture your imagination and personality and translate it into the spaces you live and work in.

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